What is the Ivory Embassy? Well, it’s a pet project that two researchers set up to communicate science to the general public. We believe that scientific advancements play a crucial role in today’s society, but the communication of these can and should be improved. You have every right to understand and benefit from the science that you fund through your taxes.

For a functioning democracy, a scientifically literate public can only be a benefit. It allows you to question, judge, and form an opinion on subjects that go beyond the mere scientific. Stuff that matters. We’ll promote the scientific method as much as the actual research findings. Maybe we can trigger your scientific mindset, encouraging you to question everything.

But, what is the Ivory Embassy?

It’s a self-help project really…

The Ivory Embassy will for the moment focus on biomedical sciences, due to our education and expertise. Who knows, eventually we might expand this to give you a more complete scientific picture.

You might find that science and the knowledge it creates is more fun than you’d thought. It’s something almost organic, it’s constantly on the move, changing shape and form, evolving into something impossible to imagine before. We would like you to participate in this strange theater.

Woah, that got deep… we’ll stop there for now and just ask you to enjoy your stay here!

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For any questions or topic suggestions, feel free to contact us here or through [email protected].

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Disclaimer: All opinions presented on this homepage are our own. They should in no way be associated with whatever university, research institute, or company we are currently employed by.    

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