DNA Manipulation: Treating Diseases and Designing Babies with CRISPR

Today, we can easily manipulate specific parts of the DNA and cause changes to all kinds of cells, including human cells.
How? Aim the gene you want to target, cut with a pair of “genetic scissors” and mutate.
We’re talking about the gene-editing tool called CRISPR.

They say that it can be used to cure diseases. They say that it can manipulate our crops to make them resistant to bacteria. They even say that the first ever CRISPR-designed babies have been created.

But, how much of it can you trust and how worried should you be?

Enter the S.H.I.T. Show! We’ll break it down for you and present the ins and outs of the technology:

+ How does it work?
+ How is it used and what are the possibilities?
+ What are the implications? The scary stuff?
+ And, how about the future?

Tease your brain a bit with a mix of science, philosophy and music, and you’ll understand some important S.H.I.T.

The creative bunch (or the ones that came up with the S.H.I.T.):
Joana Silva (researcher at the Netherlands Cancer Institute) and
Santiago Gisler (Medical writer and communicator)

Special Guest (A Spanish Scientist)
Santi II (researcher at the Netherlands Cancer Institute)

Propaganda minister (or the popular one):
Eileen Daniels (researcher and scientific outreach officer)

Find out more on May 23rd at 19:30 when we open the doors to our first ever S.H.I.T. Show!

See you at the Vondelbunker in the beautiful Vondelpark of Amsterdam!

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