Is ignorance bliss?

<b>Reading Time:</b> 4 minutes<p> Is ignorance bliss? Our responsibility to inform – we are part of the ivory tower Do a quick scroll in the news-feed of your preferred social media sites. Stop scrolling once you find a post covering ideas or even proclaimed facts about cancer research or treatments. If your feed resembles ours you could get the…

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By The Embassy October 28, 2017 0

Difficult times – or what’s the Ivory Embassy and why?

<b>Reading Time:</b> 4 minutes<p> We live in difficult times, my friends. Our society seems to have taken a collective dive into the unknown. We are ruled by prejudice and divisive leaders, experts are decried and white nationalists are grazing freely on our once so welcoming meadows. People decided to talk louder and listen less. Minds and opinions are bend…

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By Michael October 28, 2017 0