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The top 6 limitations of CRISPR for successful treatments

Reading Time: 6 minutes China started CRISPR clinical trials already in 2015. The US came shortly after. Why so few diseases targeted? What are the limitations of CRISPR technology for clinical applications? Damn, this CRISPR-thing escalated fast. In 2013, we could read the first reports of the genome-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 being used in human and mouse cells and shortly…

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By Santiago May 24, 2018 0

CAR T-cell therapy – Novartis and the question of ‘how much?’

Reading Time: 3 minutes How much? I imagine that question came up eventually at one of the meetings of whichever team decides pricing strategies at Novartis.  And they came up with an answer: 475000 $. Four Hundred And Seventy Five Thousand dollars for a one shot therapy that can potentially cure a rare type of cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). In other words,…

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By Michael October 29, 2017 0

CAR-T therapy against ALL  

Reading Time: 4 minutes CAR-T therapy against ALL The game  Kill the cancer with chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy. A cancer therapy based on genetic manipulation of T-cells to attack specific targets that would otherwise evade the immune system.  The players   T-cells   The potential cancer killer. Cells of the adaptive immune system that are responsible for killing foreign invaders…

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By Michael October 28, 2017 0